The house Longhorn Beetle is mainly found in timber located in the roof. It attacks the sapwood of softwood timbers which leads to weakening of the structure. In comparison to furniture beetles, the holes and tunnels created by these are substantially larger. If timber has been effected by these insects, then it requires specialist treatment to remove them.

70% of woodworm damage in the UK is caused by the common furniture Beetle. These insects attack softwood and hardwood all alike.

The Deathwatch Beetle mostly attacks hardwood timbers such as Elm and Oak. They usually start with hardwood and then move on to nearby softwoods. Deathwatch Beetles thrive in such environments where wet rot is located.

If your property has infested by any of the above, contact Rocksure Damp Proofing to speak to a specialist who can best advise you on how to deal with the issue.

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