Rising Damp

Prevent Rising Damp

The most common symptom of rising damp is the appearance of damp lines on the interior walls of a building. It is also common that this may cause the damp to spread to the skirting boards. The damp found in the ground is raised by the capillaries inside the walls of the building which helps the damp spread to the walls.

Another issue with rising damp is that things can appear much worse on the inside of the wall, which is why a thorougher survey is needed to identify the extent of the damage.

The following will contribute to rising damp in buildings:

  • Internal defects in walls.
  • Internal chimney defects – where a fireplace has been blocked.
  • Blocked or defective guttering.
  • Defective pointing, porous brickwork, spauling bricks.
  • High ground levels, new driveways, paths or tarmac bridging the Damp Proof Course (DPC).
  • Defective fittings on roofs or extensions.
  • Cracked or Missing roof tiles or slates.
  • Defective window sills.

Rocksure Damp Proofing has years of experience in dealing with rising damp. Our experienced damp specialists will suggest a survey to be done so that the problem can be detected and then the appropriate measures can be taken.

There are many areas where rising damp can occur and there are reasons why. The slates of the Damp Proof Course or DPC can be missing or the Damp Proof Membranes can be defective. Our many years of experience enable us to be well equipped to counter and prevent rising damp.

Damage can be hidden behind plaster, below floorboards and even inside the brickwork itself. Damp can remain undetected for a long period of time and left untreated, can severely damage your property.

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