Penetrating damp

Rocksure Damp Proofing Specialists offer unique coating formulas that protect your exterior surfaces. The resin based coatings protect and enhances the exterior surface and is ideal for all feature brick work as well as stonework.

These are the benefits of using our services for your property:

Invisible– the rain guard is totally invincible. It helps in protecting the property without any staining. The rain guard never discolours.

Penetrates the surface– not like ordinary sealants and conventional clear sealers, rain guards can penetrate deep into the substrate.

Alkali resistant- Most of the cementation surface contains Alkali and this can break down conventional paint. The system of rain guard has a great resistant power to Alkali.

Keeps Walls Dry- Being waterproof and micro porous, rain guard allows water vapour pass through the external walls in the property which ultimately leaves the walls dry.  This can eliminate problems related to cracking, spauling and delamination.

Strengthens Substrate-It is possible to add suitable additives that bind and strengthen the substrate.

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