Mould Growth

Damp surfaces on plaster, wallpaper and timber are often subject to the growth of mould which is associated with condensation in many structures. Damp can lead to other issues like changes in the appearance of the surface, damp odour and fear of health and hygiene. You may see the growth of various colours including green, yellow, pink, black, grey or white. Among all these, black moulds are the most common.

The development of black mould comes from the source of moisture, though suitable temperature, oxygen also encourage their growth. The moisture content often has different water availability which is difficult for mould development.

There are several domestic activities which encourages condensation. The look of black mould growth implies poor standard of living as well as property maintenance.  Moreover, extended period of exposure to mould can cause disintegration of painted surfaces of the building. This will soften the fibre or the paper of the building fabrics and worsen the condition. There are also certain mould types which are capable of digesting cellulose.

Condensation is a serious issue. It has affected more than 50% of the buildings throughout the UK. Using a cost effective ventilation system, condensation and black mould problems can be easily resolved.

At Rocksure Damp Proofing, we supply and install input ventilation anti condensation units for local authorities and housing associations continuously. You can rely on the effectiveness of equipment and installation services.

  • The loft space contains warmer air mixing with air drawn in through eaves in the roof.
  • The fresh warmer air is then drawn into the unit where it flows through a special kind of air filter.
  • The filtered air is introduced through the diffuser grille which is located centrally at ceiling level in the landing of your property. The air is then circulated throughout the property.
  • When the fresh air mixes with the warm air in the property, condensation can then be stopped.
  • The dirty air is excluded through the natural leakage points which help to prevent cold draughts from entering into your property.

Conventional extractor fans waste over a million kilowatts of energy each year which is compared to the total output of two large power stations. Now replacing conventional extractor fans would save you at least half of the energy without any doubt.

The serious hazard to your health is due to condensation and black mould. With reference to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, the landlords must ensure that their properties should be designed and maintained to the highest standard. It prevents conditions leading to defects causing damage to your health and personal property of the occupant. This whole scenario might reduce condensation and black mould problems from your property.

Under the Act, it is also noted that the landlords have a duty towards the tenants by ensuring that the premise is constructed, cared and maintained freely without any defects that might cause personal injury or damage to the property occupants.

With the proven medical facts, it has been seen that the black moulds can also become a reason for respiratory problems and dampness can intensify asthma suffering as well as mental distress.  It is very important that you should get proper black mould removal service and eradicate condensation issues as quickly as possible.

So, allow the Rocksure Damp Proofing Specialists to arrange a black mould removal service and install loft condensation control units at cost effective rates. Contact us today.

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