Dry and Wet Rot

Dry rot is cause by fungi which deteriorates the timber in buildings and other wooden construction which has no source of moisture. The term is a mistaken belief as all wood decaying fungi needs a minimum amount of moisture before decay can begin. Large-scale structural damage can be caused by the problem of dry rot. It is recommended and highly suggested by the Rocksure Damp Proofing Specialists to carry out an immediate survey so that the severity of the problem can be detected, measures can then be taken to prevent further damage. Timber becomes dry and brittle and the colour turns to brown when it is effected by dry rot and in extreme situations can be crumbled by hand. It requires over 20% moisture level for spore germination. When dry rot occurs, fine greyish strands develop from the spore spreading to form mycelium growth which varies from grey to white in certain conditions.

The treatment process includes the spraying or brushing of special micro-emulsion preservative fluids, which is almost odourless. These can also be applied by spray, paste and gel form. Rocksure Damp Proofing can replace or repair damaged timber that have been effected.

Wet rot is the generic term used to define various fungal species. The fungi in wet rot breaks down the cell walls of wood, this causes a loss of strength in the wood which leads to problems in the structural integrity of the property. Wet rot requires a large percentage of moisture, about 50 to 60 percent for its growth and will discontinue when it does not get the moisture to thrive.

The various possible sources of moisture can be leaked drainage and plumbing systems. The spores would not germinate if the wood surface is dry and does not have a minimum 28 to 30 percent of moisture content. If the infected wood comes in to contact with wood that is left untreated, the problem would most definitely spread causing further problems.

Treating Rot

The most effective way to prevent rot is to damp proof the property as the fungus requires water to grow.
Therefore locating the source of the water and discontinuing it is the easiest way of treating the problem. On top of this, making sure the timber is in an environment where it can dry easily will help prevent further issues.

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