Damp proof course injection

A damp proof course aims to prevent damp in properties when it is at a low level and stops it from spreading higher up the wall.

The old damp course often fails and a new DPC injection can be essentially used as a remedial measure. During the construction of any new building a damp proof course is carried out.

Damp Proof course systems

In the year 1875 the Damp Proof Course was introduced as a compulsory addition for new buildings by the Public Health Act.

Buildings which were made before this period didn’t have damp proofing at all. However, in the buildings which were made later have had an essential damp proofing course at the base of the walls.

If a building hasn’t been treated for damp or the treatment has failed then as a part of the restorative process, a new damp proof course can be implemented. The following methods can be used:

  • Chemical Damp Proof course injection
  • Physical damp proof course
  • Electro osmosis damp proof course

Chemical Damp Proof Course Injection in London

Chemical damp proofing course injections is a preferred method by Damp Proofing Specialists. A series of holes are drilled 150mm above the external ground level and 120mm apart along the base of the walls. Silicone gel or cream is injected in the mortar, this helps prevent damp rising up the wall.

Price of Damp Proof Course in London

It can cost from £35 to £55 for chemical damp proof injection per linear metre.

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